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Welcome to Baby Blue Elephant......Our little baby! 

As a Mum & Dad of three beautiful mini's, we're a brand that aims to provide stylish, sustainable and irresistible products for the modern parent and their families.

From the day we found out that our first born was a reality, we were always on the lookout for stylish, educational and practical products to represent the individuality of our bundles of joy. 

BBE was created with 4 main principles at the forefront of our vision.....

*Bespoke, Rare & Unique Design's


*Unrivalled Customer Service

*Enhanced Product Development

Whether buying in bulk for your new arrival or looking for a gift, BBE offers a one stop shop for tinies to toddlers. There's also some secret items for parents too! 

We will be adding lot's more bespoke, unique products to the range as our young brand grows, and appreciate you supporting us on our journey. What started out as a dream, has now become a passionate reality and we're super excited to be sharing this with you. 

We hope you enjoy the Baby Blue Elephant experience as much as we have creating it.

Our Story : About Us
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